Chelsea FC Live Stream TV Score News Apps for IOS Device

Chelsea FC supporters!! Looking for exciting news, updated live score, Live free Stream or amazing wallpapers?? We would like to introduce you with some finest app for Chelsea fans. Chelsea Football Club launches Official Apps for IOS, Android and Blackberry keep you up to date with the club. Official Chelsea TV channel

Chelsea FC Live TV apps
Watching Chelsea FC Live Stream on ipad iPhone and Android

 Watching Chelsea Live stream free on iPad & iPhone

  • FC Chelsea News App:

For ipad & iPhone:

The beautifully designed and easy to use app named Official Chelsea FC brings you all the latest news, Chelsea TV, player profiles and club history. This app is regularly updated and enhanced. To bring this app on your Iphone & ipad. Official Chelsea FC apps apple devices

For Android:

Don’t have an iphone but Android. No matter to panic. You can also get Official Chelsea FC app for all latest news and background information around the greatest game in the world. Official Chelsea FC app Android users

  • FC Chelsea Live Score App

For iphone:

Chelsea supporter can get Live scores easily on their iphone,ipad or ipod. Live Scores – Chelsea is a must for Chelsea football fans. Now you can follow your favourite club with Live scores, goal scorers, bookings, match stats and a live league table. Visit:

For Android:

LIVE-SCORE is an amazing way to keep up to date with all the key information Chelsea football fans want. It offers you Live football /soccer scores and detailed match information. This application is very fast and responsive even on slow connection.

  •  FC Chelsea Live wallpaper App

For iPhone:

Chelsea supporters can also use Official Chelsea FC for all wallpapers as well as video-on-demand.

For Android:

Chelsea FC hardcore lovers now access Chelsea FC 3D Live Wallpaper app on their Android for Live wallpaper. They can have Chelsea FC’s Players in 3D animated live wallpaper.

  •  FC Chelsea Live Commentary App

For iPhone:

Official Chelsea FC app user will be able to enjoy Live Commentary on iPhone.

For Android:

Fans now can listen to live match commentary on Android through Sky Sports Live Football SC app. Additionally, it features Live match stats as well as Live match photos.

Chelsea Fan page

Keep up to date with the latest scores, news and wallpaper of your favorite football club Chelsea. Enjoy and share with your friends.

Soccer fans you can watch this match on your ipad iphone and Android tablets  

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