If you want to watch live TV on your smart phone or tablet is very easy nowadays, all you need to do is download an application and install the app to your computer, The two most common application that can get you started are BBC player and sky Go that provide the platform for live TV streaming to your smart phone. The other old way of streaming is Tvcatchup that offers over 50 free to air channel. That does not mean that there are no other applications that you can stream live TV. This article will be show you the best services for streaming television to your mobile phone and give you an overview of it is done.

How to get live TV stream

You can simply download an application on Google play store or apple store and search for TVcatchup.It is free to bring free to air television from more than 50 channels to any person connected to the web device. The other option is the BBC I player but uses the app I player to stream live television. If you are signed with Sky Go for a month or you are an existing prescribe to live stream, then streaming with Sky Go should not be a problem .This application is payable and the prices are charged depending on the channel you wish to stream. It is only for customers that are existing but it usually eat is your data.

It is recommended that you stream live TV with a Wi-Fi, it offers faster connection but unless you have 4G connectivity then you can stream in your smart phone it is also important for you to have a TV license for live streaming. Watching live TV without any license can lead to prosecution.

The application allows you to watch programs that you missed and it also lets you catch up on programs that are in demand.So,if you missed any program you can sure to watch it later vie live stream. The main application that offer catch up are BBC I player, TV player, 4Od and Demand 5.Some of the paid in service include Netflix, lovefilm, Blindbox and Sky Now TV.

All the applications that have been mentioned above are compatible with IoS and Android mobile device but in other cases they are available to other systems of phones. This has been the main issue that most people have been faced with, they complain that their devices are not compatible, Sky Go is the example in this case, but when it comes to Iphone and Ipad things are straight forward.

An Amazon kindle Fire tablet is more restricted when it than other devices in streaming live television, it is because developers create live stream platform with Apple, ipad, iphone in mind. There those that opt to stream live TV then connect it large screen, some Android have a video output called micro-HDMI where you connect it with an adapter and are able to view it on a larger screen.

Some of the channels to stream

AT and T verse live TV: it is used to watch live TV on the iphone from anywhere and support various numbers of channels and the other is Direct TV that allows users from iphone to subscribe to live streaming of TV but it warns you on your data being used if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.CharterTv has various channels that you can choose from and it also lets you download a program then watch it later.

Cox TV connect lets you subscribe to TV channels bout it is more limited to ipad application and can only work well with mobile devices that support it. The Dish anywhere gives option for subscribes to vie various channels but is more limited to phone and ipad.It also gives you the option to download a program and later transfer it to your device.

Version FIOS mobile channel allows you to select programs once your are subscribed to the channel and have a iphone.It also depends on the location that you are watching, this channel works best when you are travelling and at home.X finite GO Application allows you to stream movies and shows from various channels that you are subscribed to.

Sling Tv lets you watch Tv channels with a subscription at the end of the month, it is compatible with I phones and ipads.If you also have a cable you can stream TV to your phone with the help of a network cable. The benefit of using a cable is that you get to watch the program before it is air on TV. You can watch ESPN using the cable and other channels that suit you.

If you are interested in watching the channels and are a big fan of streaming live TV, then you can negotiated with the subscribes to lower the cost for you, am sure they will be willing to hear you out.

Apple has definitely changed the obsession of streaming Tv on ipad and iphone,it has also helped the device regain the market share in terms of dominance If you are using an out dated phone, it is very hard for you to stream TV and watch all your favorite program. You are missing on the amazing channels that are available. It is never too late to purchase a smart phone that is able to connect to paid live Tv application, there are gadgets that from apple stores that can support all this programs.

Paid live stream is changing how people used to view TV, you have the option to select all the programs you want and watch them at the comfort of your hands. You can also record programs and watch them later. It has given you the opportunity to be the boss of the channel, there is no more boring programs but creative programs to pull customers to subscribe to their channels. If you want to get the devices that support live stream you always search vie the internet.

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