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Horse racing apps for tablets and smartphones: What can’t you do with your tablet or smart phone? The internet allows you to download the finest applications for your entertainment. Horse racing is one of the most interesting activities that people do for a living and others just to kill time. While it is quite hard for some people to go out and actually watch horse racing, technology has allowed for them to be able to do so right from the comfort of their homes or offices. Horse racing apps are available on various stores including iTunes app store and recently, Google has added one on their Android store Google Play.

Horse racing at Home 

Most people are extremely busy nowadays. It is pretty hard for them to get time to go to watch the race. Think about it, will you attend your meeting or go watch a horse race? This is why the internet is very convenient. Now watch horse racing live stream iPhone allows for that and so do other smart phones. With a good internet connection you can watch the race just about anywhere in the world. It is great company when you are stuck in traffic on your way home.

Apart from watching the live horse racing iPad and iPhone users are opened to, you can also download the app called Racing Post. This application provides you with all the information that will enable you to stay up to speed with the horse races of the day. It also comes with an abundance of information concerning the trainers, horses and jockeys. This is the bestseller application for horse racing. It is a reliable source of information on horse racing on top of which it also provides tips and rating for each race horse. Making a bet on horseracing will most definitely be easier when you are using this application.

Racing Post is clearly one of the top horse racing apps that are available to iPhone, iPad and Android users. It is also open to other tablets and smart phone users. There are other applications that you can download for your entertainment including:

  • Bet 365- it was the best horse racing app in 2013 and features horse races in UK and Ireland
  •  Carbon- this one is open to United States citizens
  • Bovada recently released a very interesting betting app for United States sports and horse racing fans. With this app you can place wagers on just about any major race including the Kentucky derby

Types of Horse Races:

Endurance racing, Arabian horse, Quarter Horse and more….





Attention tennis fans, there are now apps available which make it possible to live stream the tournaments you want to watch onto your mobile devices. Such as the iPad, iPhone and others.

 This article will list the top apps and the tournaments they will be streaming. The tournaments I will be looking for include the Australian Open, The US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open. Let’s get started:


watch Tennis Live stream on ipad iphone

Watch Tennis Live stream on ipad iphone

watch 2014 Australian Open Tennis Championships Live stream

 1. Hulu PLUS: Claim: Australian Open Live Stream 2014: Watch live tennis online FREE on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC,

2014 Australian Open live stream information:

  • · ESPN will have Australian Open Live Streams throughout the tournament.
  • · Early round matches will be free if you have internet service from a participating provider,
  • · WatchESPN is available on the web or with the watchESPN app for APPLE which means you can watch the streaming from your iPad or iPhone.
  • · Find the app in the Apple store and download it.
  • · I just found the watchESPN app and it is FREE to download and has a schedule of the tournament and I am viewing it right from my iPad. It does list service providers and requests that you have one which is listed. I gained access sans provider, but I may be blocked from streaming because I just use Wi-Fi.
  • · You may want to look in on that.

It is clear from my research, the winner for streaming sports and acknowledging tennis is WatchESPN. I just came to the page that will start the streaming on my command. This app, available in the Apple store also has live streaming of the US open, French Open and Wimbledon.

I checked the app myself to make sure these tournaments were included. I found the US Open information for 2014, however, when I came across the French open and the Wimbledon coverage it was still dated 2013, but at least we know the app covers those tournaments. They will be updated soon.

 In order for the streaming to take place, all that is needed is the app. You can download it to your iPhone and iPad and almost immediately start streaming. You will need to check the schedule, which is easily located on the right side of the screen.

 Use the search bar to get to your destination quickly. This app is your best option for streaming video to your iPad and iPhone.

 Watch live tennis on the go with the official Tennis TV apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Included as part of a full subscription to Tennis TV, you can watch ATP. Watch Australian Open Tennis live online with today’s free tennis

 Happy Streaming.


English FA Cup is considered as one of the top fan follower sports in the world. for all those fans of physical fast-paced sports, English FA Cup would be the game they mesmerize to watch Live and cherish the game for a long time, every soccer fan would want to watch Live game but , most of the soccer fans might not be able to make it to watch game but, now worth the hope of English FA Cup Live Streaming TV app for apple devices, they can easily enjoy the almost anywhere.

 English FA Cup Live streams ipad iphone

English FA Cup Live streams on ipad, iPhone

Now about How to watch it Live in their apple device.
The Good news for all fans it that, there are various apps for ipad, iPhone and Mac available in iTunes.

Get the latest soccer news app from the English FA Cup 2014 with real-time live scores, Live stream TV, fixtures, video highlights and match results from the leading soccer website TheFa.com

You can watch all of  Match Link:

Nottingham Forest VS West Ham United vs Sunderland AFC VS Carlisle United vs Derby County VS Chelsea vs Liverpool VS Oldham Athletic vs Port Vale VS Plymouth Argyle vs Manchester United VS Swansea City

With the advent of smart phones, so many applications have been developed that enables you to do almost everything. Such applications include those that support live stream of popular events such as football games. The Iphone is one of those smart phones that support live streaming applications for television giving an astounding experience. You can watch your favorite team play on the go and never miss a second of it. If you are wondering How, let’s delve into best soccer Live stream on iPhone, Live stringing football on smartphone, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S. Are You Looking For Live stream football app for your iPhone.

         There are concise steps to be followed in order for you to enjoy the best of your iPhone. First, you will need to download a live streaming television app which will only take you a few minutes.

With these 10 awesome apps you can easily access the Football matches on time or watch TV video on iPhone. A few of such apps include
Check out!

  • Foxsoccer2go
  • Ustream
  • TVULite
  • Justin.tv just to name but a few.

Other highly rated apps include;

  • MobileSportstTV
  • Tunin.FM
  • English Premier League Live
  • Real Soccer 2009
  • Soccer manager
  • TVU Player.

        To download, begin by tapping the app store icon on your Iphone and then proceeding to click on the’ search icon’. Then, type the application you want to download on the search bar and search. Next, hit the free button which is blue in color followed by the install green button. At this point, your task is almost complete and you will just have to wait for the download and installation process to complete.

        Once done, a new icon will appear on your home screen for the app you have downloaded. Proceed to click on this icon and you are a few steps away from awe aspiring football experience. Once the application has launched, tap the search button and search for a specific game or just football. Alternatively, you can also search by your favorite team. Now select the game you want to watch and the stream should start automatically.

       It doesn’t matter where you are since you take your Iphone with you, you will never miss a moment of the game. It is also noteworthy that data charges will apply while streaming over your network. However, if you are streaming over WIFI, the fun is unlimited. A simple app is all you will need to prove your passion and love for the game. Be it the English premier league, The English FA cup, UEFA Champions and Europa leagues, you are good to go. Not to mention the Spanish La liga, the Italian Series A, Mexican, Brazilian, Australian and France leagues, your IPhone will deliver it to you on a platter.also  Get  watch futbol en vivo on ipad

Hockey is an amazing sport, both on land and on ice. Once you get into this sport and you pick yourself a favorite team, it is likely that you will not want to miss a match again. Luckily, thanks to NHL live stream iPad iPhone users no longer have to worry about this. But how do you watch all your hockey games on these devices?

Watching NHL Live Streams free on iPad iPhone

 Watching NHL live streaming on your ipad iphone
  • Free Live Stream Hockey TV App

The first option you have is to use a free live stream hockey TV app. These apps can be found in the App Store and will allow you to watch a variety of television programs, including hockey. These are great, but you do have to really look into what the app does and does not offer. A lot of times, you can only use the app if you have a subscription to its developer, which is actually paid for. Hence, although the download is free, using it may cost you some money.

Another problem with free live stream hockey TV apps is that they also show a range of other television programs. This means that there is a possibility that you do end up missing your favorite match, because the app developer decides an episode of Family Guy would have a greater reach.

However, there are some good apps out there so do not dismiss them straight away. Alternatively, you could choose paid for NHL live stream iPad iPhone apps as well.

  • Best Live Streaming Ice Hockey Apps

There are various apps that you can choose from both in the free and paid for app categories. However, the best live streaming ice hockey apps by far for the iPhone and iPad have to be:

  • NHL Ice Time, which is the official app. It works on BlackBerry and on iOS devices.
  • NBA Game Time/Courtside, which includes a free version that gives you standings and scores. Although designed for basketball, it also regularly shows ice hockey and other sports.
  • ESPN Sportscenter/Sportscenter XL, perfect for a variety of different sports.
  • FanFeedr, which is more of a sports social network.

One other option is to simply download the app from your television provider. Most providers now have a live streaming app for their television on ipad iphone, which you usually get free with your regular subscription. This will allow you to watch anything they broadcast within your own subscription, including the sports channels.