UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream Online | Paid Subscription

The 2016 edition of the UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream Online is set to begin on Friday 10th June and run through Sunday 10th July 2016. The sporting event will be held in France and with 24 teams taking part it will be one of the biggest in Europe and the world. That is why UEFA has sold broadcasting rights to multiple media companies that will showcase some or all the 51 matches live and in HD.

How TO Watch UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream Online Paid Subscription?

In this article, we explore and recommend the Top 5 UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream TV Online Paid subscription platforms. For diversity purposes, the list contains streaming companies that cover various jurisdictions so that you can stream and watch your favorite matches from any location.

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#1: beIN Sports

beIN Sports is one of the three television networks that have been given broadcasting rights in France. It will air all the 51 matches live and that means you can also stream them in HD.

euro 2016 live stream beIN Sports

beIN Sports is available on various cable platforms but since we are talking about streaming, you can watch it online using a PC or a mobile device. It is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You can download the iOS application from iTunes and take advantage of the Euro 2016 live stream iPad or iPhone option. If you are using an Android device then you can download it from Google Store. Please note that you are only allowed to register a maximum of five devices.

The online version of beIN Sports is available in France, Europe and multiple other jurisdictions including Australia and Hong Kong. You can visit the company’s website and check whether it is available in your location.

In terms of cost, you have two main options. You can settle for a one-month full pass package that will cost you $20 per month or 12 months full pass that costs $200 per year. Both packages are auto-renew subscription services.

#2: FilmOn BBC and ITV

Filmon is an internet based TV provider that is owned and managed by FilmOn.TV Networks Inc. It is a collection of terrestrial channels that include BBC and ITV. The two (BBC and ITV) are very important as far as Euro 2016 live stream is concerned because they will broadcast live matches.

UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream on iTV

FilmOn is available online in mobile and PC versions. You can also acquire the FilmOn TV Live Streaming HDi Player. It is compatible with all Android apps.

You can watch FilmOn from any location as long as you have reliable internet connection. All you need to do is visit www.filmon.com and search for BBC or ITV and you will be able to watch the UEFA Euro 2016 live stream.

Although the standard version is free, it offers content at very low quality. On the other hand, paid subscription offers UEFA Euro 2016 live stream in HD. There are two packages from which you can choose. The first is the Premium package and it costs $14.95 per month. The second is the Social package that costs $149 per year (two months free).

#3: fuboTV

fuboTV bundles a variety of football channels alongside other entertainment channels. In fact, it has beIN Sports from which you can stream all the UEFA Euro 2016 action live and in HD.

UEFA euro 2016 live stream fuboTV HD ipad


You can watch fuboTV from your windows or Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, as well as Android tablets and smartphones. You can stream fuboTV on two different devices at any given time. If you have a Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV set-top box then you can also stream the matches straight to your TV set. You can also demand the matches through the company’s DVR feature.


fuboTV is available in the US and Canada only. However, you can still watch the matches by streaming content using a VPN service provider.


New users can access fuboTV free of charge (on a trial basis) but for a limited time of 24 hours. After that you will be required to pay $9.99 per month to continue using the service.

#4: ESPN and Sling TV

You might be particularly interested in UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream Online iPad if you are in the US. Well, don’t worry because ESPN TV and Sling TV are here for you.

ESPN (English) and ESPN Deportes (Spanish) are available in PC and mobile versions. Please note that you can either stream directly from ESPN or from an affiliate video provider. Sling TV is a video provider that carries multiple sports channels including FOX Sports and ESPN.

UEFA euro 2016 live stream Sling TV

Both are available in the US and through VPN Services across the world.

Your subscription fee will be $6.61 per month if you stream directly from ESPN. If you stream from an affiliate video provider then your subscription will depend on the provider’s rates. One such provider is Sling TV whose subscription is $20 a month (comes with ESPN Online).

#5: Express VPN

You can use a VPN service provider for Euro 2016 live stream iPad, iPhone, Android device, PC or any other device that you have. The service allows you to route your IP address through a server of your desired country. That means you can stream ESPN even if you reside outside the US or Sky Sports if you reside outside the UK. The most recommended VPN service provider is Express VPN.

Express VPN is available for PC and mobile devices. You will be required to sign up and after that, you will receive an installable app. Once you install it, you will be able to access the internet through a server of your desired country.

Express VPN is a worldwide service.

The service will cost you $12.95 per month. However, it is very reliable and as long as you have a good internet connection you will be able to stream content from any TV channel that will broadcast the UEFA Euro 2016.

Worth a mention

#6: EURO 2016 on SAT PRO

SAT PRO app is not particularly one for streaming but rather a companion that reminds you of every match that you want to watch. It contains every UEFA EURO 2016 Live Stream Online information that you need and also allows you to set reminders for kick-offs.

EURO 2016 Live Streamon Express VPNPlatforms

It is designed specifically for Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch,  iPads and Macbook airor Pro ) that run iOS 8.0 or a later version.


The app is available worldwide and you can even use it on the go.


It costs a mere $2.99 to download and install. You can get it from iTunes.

Conclusion: As you can see, each of the top 5 Euro 2016 live stream online paid subscription option is ideal for a particular location USA, UK, Asia. Europe over the World  (except Express VPN which is reliable worldwide). Therefore, you can be rest assured that you will be able to watch the championship regardless of where you will be. Just refer to this review and get a content provider that suits you.

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