How to Watch NHL Live Streams Free on iPad iPhone

Hockey is an amazing sport, both on land and on ice. Once you get into this sport and you pick yourself a favorite team, it is likely that you will not want to miss a match again. Luckily, thanks to NHL live stream iPad iPhone users no longer have to worry about this. But how do you watch all your hockey games on these devices?

Watching NHL Live Streams free on iPad iPhone

 Watching NHL live streaming on your ipad iphone
  • Free Live Stream Hockey TV App

The first option you have is to use a free live stream hockey TV app. These apps can be found in the App Store and will allow you to watch a variety of television programs, including hockey. These are great, but you do have to really look into what the app does and does not offer. A lot of times, you can only use the app if you have a subscription to its developer, which is actually paid for. Hence, although the download is free, using it may cost you some money.

Another problem with free live stream hockey TV apps is that they also show a range of other television programs. This means that there is a possibility that you do end up missing your favorite match, because the app developer decides an episode of Family Guy would have a greater reach.

However, there are some good apps out there so do not dismiss them straight away. Alternatively, you could choose paid for NHL live stream iPad iPhone apps as well.

  • Best Live Streaming Ice Hockey Apps

There are various apps that you can choose from both in the free and paid for app categories. However, the best live streaming ice hockey apps by far for the iPhone and iPad have to be:

  • NHL Ice Time, which is the official app. It works on BlackBerry and on iOS devices.
  • NBA Game Time/Courtside, which includes a free version that gives you standings and scores. Although designed for basketball, it also regularly shows ice hockey and other sports.
  • ESPN Sportscenter/Sportscenter XL, perfect for a variety of different sports.
  • FanFeedr, which is more of a sports social network.

One other option is to simply download the app from your television provider. Most providers now have a live streaming app for their television on ipad iphone, which you usually get free with your regular subscription. This will allow you to watch anything they broadcast within your own subscription, including the sports channels.

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