We will help you in Watch Live Streaming NFL Games for Free

Who doesn’t love watching football games? The NFL games are the most popular among other in the American culture. Millions of people stay standard to their couch ,with a popcorn bowl and chilled  drinks waiting for the game . its just a part of the American traditions that people can’t live without .Here in this Article ,we will help you in streaming the NFL games live and for free (yes we are that awesome ).we will try to cover methods of Free live streaming NFL Game for most of the operating system and platforms ,so none feels like he/she is left6 behind .so bring on a blank piece of paper and start taking notes .

For this category ,the answer is really sample All that you have to do is download Skyfire application from the Apple Store and you are ready to go .the Skyfire is an application that allows iOS users to stream   online videos from normal website that usually nee flash player .So basically ,you download the application than visit one of website that we are going to mention later on the watch the games.

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For Android Users (Any Device that Runs on Android)

  For Android Users, things are even easier than iOS fans ‘Android user usually visit WiZiWiG website ,go to the NFL section ,select the streaming link and the games is on .However ,the redirect their visitors to Get Your Fixtures  website is a very good alternative that gets the job done.

For Windows @BlackBerry .

Well we’re sorry to tell you that after house of internet research ,visiting different website ,blogs ,and forums ,those to platforms offer only paid live   streaming ,usually through the NFL application from stores .Actually ,BlackBerry just launched the NFL Official applications a while ago ,However we will keep looking for solutions for those two platforms  and update our readers as soon as we will find a breakthrough .

For  PC Users.

Along with the previously mentioned WiZiWiG alternative for live streaming ,we will provide you the remaining 9 ways to stream the NFL games for free .Here they are :

The Batman Stream website


Satellite Direct ,

First Row Sports






UStream Tv

And a bonus website from our side watch is the Justin TV.

This is the list that you really need to study by heart as even other devices end up using them .it’s also better to double check before watching if they are free or not as policies may change from time to another and some of them  may applicable subscriptions .

Hopefully ,this article  was beneficial in providing you with the best 10 ways to live stream the NFL games .we realize how important to watch the game and that’s why we did our very best to write an informative article about it .Now after having this list ,you can make sure never miss a game  since you have access to the website even through mobiles and tablets .Now let us here you cheers for your beloved team.

We will help you in Live Streaming NFL Games for free

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