•  Will I get instant access over my payment?

Yes, you can watch actual live TV on your mobile within few seconds once your payment is made. It is very fast process as everything is completely digital here.

  • How long has MobileSportsTV.Net been in business?

Since early 2012 MobileSportsTV.Net has been in business.

  • Is MobileSportsTV.Net legal?

Yes, You can access to open gateways which is legal.

  • What do I get for my $17.00-$40 ?

A lifetime membership is given for $17.00?$40. When your payment has been processed, you will get our whole service package. To start the broadcasts just follow any link.

You have to select the game from the schedule channel panel to watch online sport.

  • What type of online football, baseball or basketball can I view?

Most of US games and some European matches are shown. the game will be shown on 9-10 channels if there exists a camera.

  • Are there lots of sports games for me to view?

Yes, you can enjoy at least 69 games every single week.

  • Do I need any hardware or software to use Mobile TV ?

No, the software access the latest media technology so that you will only need Mobile TV Elite.

  • Are their any monthly charges?

No, one-time fee is only charged. We will never ask or charge anything further.

  • Is it safe to order from your website?

sure, For making your order 100% secure this website is completely protected and safe by Clickbank with the latest 256-bit encryption.

  • Is Mobile TV Elite easy to use?

Yes, Our guarantee is that our TV app has easier to use quality with our user-friendly interface then any normal TV.

  • Isn’t streaming TV Shows and movies illegal?

No, it is completely legal similiar as watching a TV at home. If your country has any individual laws (for example you need to watch Live TV in the UK) then before using Mobile TV Elite you should address these at your own discretion.

Yes, you can watch countless of TV channels.

  • Can I watch TV channels in my own language?

Yes, under the tab settings there is an option for selection of language(s).

  • How many channels are included in the package?

Over 1000 TV channels are included in our service package from all over the world. (and by saying 1000 channels we mean it)

  • What software do I use to watch the streams?

You can use Media Player or Real Player. You can also download all applications from our own member’s area for free.

  • Is this a service available in the US only?

No, From all over the world you can access Our service from your cell phone, iPad or tablet.

  • Are future updates available?

Sure. Just press UPDATE button in the top of the screen. It is really easy.

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